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Utopy is a unique experience on the Basque coast combining discovery and sharing between travellers from all over the world. Make yourself at home in our friendly hostels, fully equipped for your comfort. Enjoy your new home as you wish, live at your own pace, share, meet, escape and relax... all in Biarritz, one of the most beautiful surfing towns in the world. At Utopy, every moment is a new adventure, making our hostel an exceptional place for all travellers in search of the utopia of travel.

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Ideally located on the heights of the Basque coast, Coast welcomes you in a terracotta vibe. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place, chat with fellow travelers over a good cup of coffee, then grab your surfboard and head for the coastal waves for your best session yet! Immerse yourself in the welcoming world of Coast, where every detail has been carefully thought out to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

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Garden opens its doors to you in a quieter environment. You'll enter in a 'beach house' atmosphere with its navy tones, discover a comfortable and pleasant place, then let yourself be charmed by the tranquility of its garden. The hostel's central location between the beach, city center, train station and airport makes it easy to get around. Garden offers a unique accommodation experience, ideal for those seeking rewarding social interaction on a budget.

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About us

Utopy is an adventure imagined by two childhood friends during their high school years. Our vision was to create an ideal place that brought together our shared passions: friends, adventure and travel. After graduating with degrees in tourism, we embarked on a quest for unique experiences around the world. This led us to discover, study and approve a particular type of accommodation: the hostel. A place for sharing, meeting new people and enjoying a good time, while remaining accessible to even the most modest budgets.

It was with our team, no bigger than the two of us, that we founded our company: 'Utopy Hostel'. And so tasted all the joys of entrepreneurship: business plans, town halls, banks, real estate agencies, partners. Then there was the work, leading us to take on the roles of painter, tiler, cabinetmaker, electrician and decorator, while juggling the responsibilities of accountant, communications manager and copywriter. But it's possible! It's been a journey as intense as it has been exciting, culminating in the realization of our dream: the creation of comfortable, user-friendly spaces, true to our initial vision. Utopia can sometimes become reality! Utopy Hostel opened its doors in March 2022. And it's thanks to you, our wonderful customers, that this adventure is so beautiful today. We look forward to many more years at your side!

Why « Utopy » ?

Utopy is a little stylization on our part of the word utopia, which means « ideal dream society » and comes from the Greek eu-topo meaning « good place ». Our logo is reminiscent of the Australian aboriginal symbol for « meeting place ». A nod to the country where our project was born.